10 reasons to spend Thanksgiving in St Barts

Nov 16, 2021

In St Barts you'll find sun, beach, exclusivity and soft sand, the ideal ingredients to spice up a Caribbean holiday. Another year is coming to an end and holiday vibes are thick in the air, so pack your bags and embark on your quest for the ideal getaway. 

It only takes one thing to make you want to travel to St Barts, and this month your boost is Thanksgiving. Throw a twist on the holiday and celebrate it in the Caribbean. Just picture yourself waking up in one of our luxury villas in St Barts, with breakfast delivered straight to your villa, your  priority will be to enjoy the day with your friends, partner or family. You can also watch the parade or enjoy the football on an amazing TV in the comfort of one of our villas in St Barts. 

Read on to find out why you should spend Thanksgiving in St Barts. 

Reasons to say thanks in St Barts

1. An exciting gastronomic experience 

Thanksgiving is all about family and loved one's sharing a delicious meal, and at St Barts, we have the expertise to give your senses an unforgettable culinary experience. 

St Barts is a place you start to get to know with its exquisite cuisine that will offer you a delicious Caribbean taste mixed with the elegance of France, you can start by planning your meal at Amis St. Barth, we assure you that you will be blown away. 

2. Your own Caribbean Paradise 

This holiday is an occasion to be grateful for all the good things that happened during the year, for the blessings we have in life, and for all that we can still enjoy. And just look at the marvels that St Barts has to offer, paradisaical landscapes, white sandy beaches that are caressed by the sun. 

St Barts certainly gives you a haven where the natural and the luxurious converge so that you can spend this holiday with your family and loved ones, appreciating and being thankful for all the blessings that Mother Nature gives to us.

3. Friendsgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving with your family is great, celebrating with the family you have chosen and built up over the years is equally great, around the island of St Barts there are bars, restaurants and water sports that you can enjoy with them. 

At Le Barth Villa Rental, we have luxurious villas where you can spend an unforgettable Thanksgiving. Villas such as La Manoir the Lorient, Epicure, Firefly or La Maison de la Mer have everything to make this holiday the best of all, they can host large groups, allow children and pets and have a private swimming pool for an outstanding Friendsgiving.

4. Get ready for Black Friday shopping in St Barts.

The day after Thanksgiving, shopping will take the spotlight and in St Barts you will be in fashion paradise, all the top designer brands are here, and as an exclusive island you will be away from the hustle and bustle of the ordinary city.

5. Back to traditions, cook your own food in one of our villas in St Barts.

If you are a person of tradition, at Le Barth Villa rental, we can fit a tailor-made plan for you. In our luxury villas you will find everything you need to make Thanksgiving dinner just like you would at home, adding a bit of luxury, incredible views and Caribbean flavor. 

6. Run away to the Caribbean climate of St Barts

November is a cold month, come and let your skin be sun kissed in the Caribbean. The beautiful long beaches of St Barts will welcome you into their arms, stepping into the sea at this time of year will be like receiving a heart-warming hug from your loved ones. Let yourself fall in love with the island of St Barts and spend a magical Thanksgiving Day in true Caribbean style. 

7. Reconnect with your inner self

This Thanksgiving holiday in St Barts, reconnect with your inner self, our island in the Caribbean will be a haven and sanctuary for you to think about what you want to do in the coming year, plus you can treat yourself to some wellness pampering at La Mer, a spa that you can enter at a discounted rate when you stay in one of our luxury villas.

8. Go on a Thanksgiving adventure

Thanksgiving doesn't just have to be a quiet, food-focused celebration, in St Barts we have plenty of fun for everyone - dive into our crystal clear waters and snorkel, check out the natural pools and do a bit of hiking. 

9. Let yourself be treated by Le Barth Villa Rental

Our concierge will tailor a plan to suit you, enjoy all the comforts of our villas, heated pools, jacuzzis, ocean views and breakfasts direct to your luxury villa in St Barts. You'll have the Thanksgiving of your dreams at your doorstep.

10. A slice of St Barts 

There are so many things to do in St Barts that you won't be able to enjoy all the beauties of the island in one visit, take a slice of St Barts this Thanksgiving, visit the beautiful beaches, take a walk along the harbor and be dazzled by the beautiful big yachts. Then you can start planning your New Year's holiday in St Barts. We will warmly receive you back with wide-open arms

Le Barth Villa Rental thanks you for spending one more holiday with us, live a dream life in this little piece of the Caribbean.

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