An inside of St Jean Beach

Jul 26, 2021

The glamour that surrounds the aura of St. Barts attracts visitors to the island from many parts of the world. The boutiques with the latest designs from Europe's top brands, the gourmet restaurants, the luxury hotels and the beauty of St. Barts' beaches are seductive from the moment you see the first images of the island. You are sure to fall in love just by seeing it.

As we have been introducing you to our favorite Caribbean island, we have described remote beaches such as Gouverneur or Colombier. Today it's our turn to talk about one of the most popular places in St Barts: St Jean Beach.

St Jean in St Barts is, for many visitors, the hot spot of the island and where the glamour we were talking about is most present. Follow us to get to know this iconic beach a bit better. We will also tell you about some of our St Barts villas, very close to St Jean Beach, where you can stay and enjoy the benefits of staying with Le Barth Villa Rental.

What to do in St Jean at St Barts

St Jean Beach is a bay that you can find practically in the center of the island, north of St Barts. You can get there driving from any point of St Barts and leave your car in one of the two nearby parking lots. St Jean is one of the most visited beaches of St Barts, its coast is full with hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars for all tastes.

You might want to arrive early to find a good spot on the white sands of the beach due to the number of visitors. You can also try one of the restaurants or bars and enjoy a good meal while you enjoy the breeze of the Caribbean Sea. Furthermore, you will have many options to choose where to eat and drink, each with its own style, you are sure to find one that suits you and your mood for the day

Once the food, drink, and ambiance part is taken care of, there are many activities you can do on the beach. St Jean Beach is divided in two by a rock almost in the center of this turquoise water beach. The east side is a bit smaller and has almost no surf, so it's great for small children, swimming and snorkeling.

On the other hand, the west side, being longer, receives more wind, so here you can windsurf and there are some good waves for surfing. You can also rent a kayak and tour the bay from side to side. Also, the west side of St Jean in St Barts is close to the airport, so you can watch the planes landing and taking off. This should be done with due caution.

Discover amazing St Barts Villas near to St Jean Beach

Besides the beach, the St Jean area is very active, being the second-busiest district on the island, only behind Gustavia. In its streets you will find boutiques, cafés, restaurants, and places to have a good time. The hills of St. Jean are home to some of the most spectacular villas in St Barts.

At Le Barth Villa Rental, we have an interesting collection of St Barts villas, including some villas in St Jean that could be an excellent choice for accommodation on your next trip to the island.

If you are having a romantic getaway to beautiful St Barts, Villa Isia is an excellent choice. This two-bedroom villa in the hills of St Jean offers fantastic panoramic views of the sea and nearby islands. On the terrace with a heated pool, you can spend the day relaxing and enjoying the great St Barts weather.

If you are traveling with a larger group, Villa Sax has four bedrooms to accommodate up to eight guests. This villa has a superb location with access to St Jean beach, Sax is one of the few villas in St Barts that can boast this. If you want to isolate yourself from the crowd, from the deck with heated pool, you will feel practically on the beach.

Remember that when you stay with us at Le Barth Villa Rental, in addition to finding the best possible price for a villa in St Barts, you get privileges that you can only find with us. Don't wait any longer and start planning your next vacation on the most glamorous island in the Caribbean.

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