Best Beaches in St Barts, Gouverneur Beach

Jul 26, 2021

The island of St Barts, in the French Caribbean, is known around the world as a tourist destination for athletes, artists, and executives of successful companies. This island is the ideal place to leave behind the daily hustle and bustle of more conventional cities or tourist destinations. The accommodation options are spectacular, with fantastic hotels and, for even more privacy, you can choose to stay in a St Barts luxury villa rental.

On your vacation in St Barts you can enjoy restaurants, bars, cafés, art galleries, museums and more activities that we will describe in the following articles. Undoubtedly, one of the things that stands out in St Barts are its beaches: warm white sands, crystal clear waters with its many shades of blue. The beaches of St Barts are just what you imagine when you think of a paradise beach in the Caribbean.

We have already told you about some beaches of our island and the luxury villas in St Barts that Le Barth Villa Rental offers you to stay near these beaches. Today we want to tell you about Gouverneur Beach in St Barts, one of the favorite beaches for locals. Stay with us and get to know this peaceful beach in the south of the island.

How to get & what to do in Gouverneur at St Barts?

Gouverneur Beach is in the southwestern region of the island, about 3.5 km from the town of Gustavia. You can drive to the parking lot, just a few steps from the white sand of this beach. When you find yourself on the shore of the beach, you will know that the trip to Gouverneur Beach at St Barts will have been worth it.  It is a hilly and narrow road, so we recommend driving with caution.

The mountains form a small bay at Gouverneur Beach, with almost non-existent waves, making it one of St Barts' favorite beaches for swimming and snorkeling. The lack of waves means that the water remains calm, and you can fully appreciate the spectacle of colors that changes throughout the day.

Gouverneur at St Barts is one of the most frequented beaches by families or individuals looking for a place to relax and enjoy a quiet day. The stretch of sand is great for sunbathing while your loved ones have fun in the water. There is very little shade at Gouverneur Beach, so keep this in mind when visiting the area, as well as packing a snack and something to drink because there are no restaurants in the area.

If you want to get to Gouverneur in style, you can do so by boat on one of the many sailing tours that exist on the island. For many of the boats that sail around the island, a stop at this spectacular beach is a must. Contact our concierge service at Le Barth Villa Rental, we can arrange a boat trip for you to get to know the island and see the spectacular view of Gouverneur Beach from the sea.

Find your St Barts luxury villa rental option

If, like us, Gouverneur Beach is your favorite, you can find luxury villa rentals close by in St Barts. While there are no buildings at the foot of the beach, you can find fantastic villas in the hills surrounding Gouverneur, from which you can have an incredible view of the Caribbean Sea.

Within our luxury villas in Le Barth Villa Rental, we have options that give you the proximity to the beach and the privacy you are looking for in your next vacation with your family and friends. For example, we have a luxury villa rental option: Jasmine Villa, a 4-bedroom villa just a few minutes drive from the port of Gustavia and a short distance from Gouverneur beach. From its terrace with heated pool, you can watch the gentle swaying of the sea.

Another option you can consider for a luxury villa rental in St Barts if you don't need so many rooms is Villa Grand Large. Grand Large is a spacious 3-bedroom villa with a pool and a spectacular view on the hill in the Gouverneur Beach area. 

Besides having a fantastic luxury villa in St Barts, when you trust Le Barth Villa Rental to be your host, you have exclusive privileges. Some of them include the best possible price, a dedicated concierge always at your disposal and many more privileges that will make your next vacation in the Caribbean an experience you won't forget.

Trust us and book your luxury villa in St Barts, just a few steps away from Gouverneur Beach, one of the best beaches of our beloved island.

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