Breathe in romance in St. Barts

Aug 25, 2021

In a world that is so hectic as the one we live in, it’s more than okay to want to slow down from time to time and focus on spending time with our significant other.

In fact, taking some time of to focus on ourselves, on our relationships and in nurturing our bond with our lifelong partner is not only normal and respectable, but necessary. Just like we take time to sleep and eat, we have to take some time to take care of our hearts and our feelings.

The island of St. Barts is known for its breathtaking scenery and vast offer when it comes to exploring locations, snorkeling or enjoying tasteful, top-tier dinners, all things that, when harmonically matched, result in an unforgettable romantic affair for you and your significant other.

So let us walk you through some ideas on how you can spend a romantic getaway in St. Barts.

Romantic options for everyone

It’s no secret that St. Barts, being an island, is a dreamy location, surrounded by water and with white-sanded beaches that stimulate the senses beyond imagination.

If you’re feeling like connecting with nature and spending a day outdoors, you can organize a beach picnic. Pick your favorite fruit, make some snacks and select your favorite drinks to spend what will be a wonderful day listening to the calming waves and relishing in the warm light of the sun.

However, if you’re more into adventures and exploration, you can still spend the day on the beach, but underwater. Many local beaches, such as Lorient, are ideal for snorkeling. Delight yourself with the colorful reefs and make acquaintances with our friendly neighbors: sea turtles.

In each case, by the end of the day you may enjoy a pink-colored sunset right by the shoreline and relish in the freshness of the memories you and your partner just created. The perfect way to finish your romantic getaway.

If you’re a more social couple, you definitely will want to check out the city, it’s vibrance and energy.

You can treat yourself to a shopping trip in Gustavia’s most luxurious shops and when the sun has set, you may find a bar o go dancing, maybe even decide to acquire some nice souvenirs to remember this romantic escapade by.

A romantic stay in St. Barts

Finding a romantic place to stay is just as important as finding romantic setting to open your time in.

We personally recommend Villa Aya. Nestled in-between the ever green, healthy flora of St. Barts, it’s is ideal for a holiday spent just a breadth away, walking distance from the St. Jean beach. Fully equipped and artfully furnished, villa Aya is ideal for you and your partner to feel the sun caressing your skin and enjoy the most breathtaking Caribbean views.

You could also stay in Villa C’est la Vue, a 2-bedroom, private little refuge in paradise. Ideal for a romantic getaway, its location in Pointe Milou offers easy access to several beaches and shopping of St. Barts.

Certainly, St. Barts has many options for romance, but in each and every one of them, the most important aspect is sharing, the fact that you’re together, sharing wonderful memories and indulging in each other.

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