Discover Colombier Beach

Jun 29, 2021

We love to share the love we have for our island. It's a pleasure to describe every corner for you, who can't wait to learn more about what awaits you on your next Caribbean vacation.  From the beautiful bay of Grand Cul de Sac, we now take you on a journey through one of the most famous beaches of St Barts: Colombier beach.

At the northwest tip of St Barts, we find a small bay called Colombier. With the characteristic white sand and changing shades of Caribbean blue, Colombier Beach is a definite must-visit on your next stay on the island. And if you've already visited, you'll surely understand what we're talking about and can't wait to return.

Follow us as we tell you how to get to Colombier beach, the fun things you can do here and the exclusive offers that Le Barth Villa Rental has to make a good vacation into something extraordinary.

How to get to Colombier Beach in St Barts

Getting to this St Barts beach is not as easy as getting to the others. Colombier Beach is only accessible by foot or by boat, but you must believe us when we tell you that the trip is worth it.

If you are reasonably fit, and you are not afraid of a challenge, you can take the path from the hill of Colombier and walk for 30 to 40 minutes and admire the natural beauty that will accompany you all the way. On this route you will find incredible landscapes, you will surely be able to bring back some amazing pictures. Keep in mind that the return route will be a very challenging one.

If you prefer a quieter hike or are traveling with small children, your best alternative is to walk from a trail just past Petite Anse. It is a 20-minute walk where you will encounter lilies, cactus, purple orchids, iguanas, bats and more local fauna. At the end of your hike you will find Colombier beach and its crystal clear waters. Don't miss the opportunity to snorkel here, the marine flora of Colombier is a protected natural area, you will be able to observe corals, algae and seagrasses that you won't find anywhere else.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are no restaurants or constructions of any kind on Colombier beach, so don't forget to pack a snack and to keep yourself well hydrated.

Last but not least, Colombier beach is accessible by boat. Our concierge team will be pleased to help you with a yacht reservation while you stay in St Barts. 

Therefore, when you stay in one of the St Barts villas managed by Le Barth Villa Rental, we offer you a unique solution for your arrival to Colombier Beach and lunch.

You can travel by car from your villa in St Barts to our boat, anchored in Grand Cul de Sac and from there we take you directly to Colombier for an amazing day. Thanks to our association with Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa, we can offer you an exquisite snack, personally prepared for you by Le Barthélemy's chef. We provide you with everything you need to enjoy this beautiful St Barts beach.

A Fantastic Deal by Le Barth Villa Rental

Colombier has a characteristic that makes it unique on the island, and that is its incredible views. Both on the beach and on top of the hill, you can watch fabulous sunsets; the farewell of the sun creates a mind-blowing fusion of colors that you can't miss. In addition, on clear days, you can guess the relief of the island of Sint Maarten on the horizon.

If you want to enjoy these views to the fullest, we have villas on the hill of Colombier at your disposal.  From the intimate L'Enclos villa, for a romantic getaway, to the ultra-modern Villa My Way, you can browse our catalog of villas in St Barts and find a vacation villa to suit your style.

Don't lose track of us and continue discovering the treasures that St Barts and Le Barth Villa Rental have prepared for you.

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