Experience the taste and culinary exquisiteness of St Barts, at the St Barth Gourmet Festival

Oct 1, 2021

Step by step we are getting back to normality and on the island of St Barts we are not far behind, this year the long-awaited St Barths Gourmet Festival returns presenting its eighth edition, which will take course from November 10 to 14 on the island of St Barts. 

Just imagine, you are spending an extraordinary vacation at Le Barth villa rental and oh surprise, you find yourself waiting for your delicious dinner in a candlelit restaurant, with the sea breeze in your face. Meals in St Barts, will always be delicious, but there is nothing like having world-famous chefs cooking for you with fresh local food, reinventing dishes you love, and why not, serving you a glass or two of your favorite wine.

St. Barths Gourmet Festival is an event where you will taste amazing plates that will have elements of the region as well as the magnificent creativity and passion of the French chefs for the cuisine. In addition, it will perfectly match the island's vibe, luxury, excellent service and joy will shine through at this delightful November event.

The real taste of St Barts Gourmet Festival 

Each year the St Barths gourmet festival has a chef patron, this year the chef in charge will be the three-star Michelin-starred, Pierre Gagnaire. Gagnaire is an iconic chef at the avant-garde of the fusion cuisine movement, which makes him perfect to be this year's head chef. 

In addition to the great chef Pierre Gagniere, we will be visited on the island of St Barts by more culinary talents such as Chef Eric Frechon, Chef Nicolas Beaumann, Chef Dimitri Droisneau and more. All of them Michelin star winners. The guest chefs will be accompanied by a local chef, which will make for a very interesting mix of flavors. We can expect nothing but lots of flavor and deliciousness at this festival! 

The menus offered at the St Barths Gourmet Festival will be tasting menus, with each chef preparing a different multi-course menu at their assigned location and restaurant, at a fixed rate of 135 euros per person. 

Reservations, which we recommend making in advance, can be made directly at the restaurants chosen for the St Barths festival.

At the St Barth Gourmet festival there will be a number of events that will be open to the public, such as the St Barth Bartender Contest, The Café Waiter's Race or Petites Toques St Barth, which is a competition for pastry enthusiasts. You will be able to enjoy each of these events on different dates.

You can see the schedule here: 

The island of St Barts is more than just luxurious villas, stunning beaches and dreamy sunsets, you can also enjoy a mix of French and Mediterranean cuisine and the St Barths Gourmet festival will surely prove it.

The perfect St Barts hosting over St Barths Gourmet Festival

Get the most out of the St Barths gourmet festival and book one of our luxury villas in St Barts, you can choose your favorite and the one that best suits your travel needs in our large catalog of Le Barth Villa Rental.

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