Pointe Milou, a must visit in St. Barts

Aug 31, 2021

Located in the North-East region of St. Barts, Pointe Milou is a neighborhood that stands outfor its beautiful sights and bright colors. Of course, you might think that we could say thatabout every single location on the island –after all, St. Barts is a destination that has beenreferred to as a paradise more than once–, but there is something quite unique when planningyour day in that area.

Perhaps it has to do with the many restaurant and delicacies waiting around for you to findthem, or maybe it’s because of the natural setting and breathtaking views that you canphotograph and save for ages to come.

Or maybe, just maybe, it has to do with the vastness of the neighborhood, its beautiful St.Barts villas and the natural charm of the people.

We could tell you what we think, but we feel more inclined to share with you the reasons whyyou should visit Pointe Milou, and invite you to form an opinion on your own.

Why should I visit Pointe Milou?

Since it’s a residential area, Pointe Milou is ideal if you’re looking for a quiet and sereneatmosphere. If your idea for a holiday in St. Barts includes relaxing and indulging in a secludedenvironment, then you most certainly have to either explore this area or stay in it.

Of course, as stated before, it also has wonderful views of the ocean and the greenery of theisland and although you may feel like you can enjoy this in any other St. Barts location, thetranquility that you can breathe in Pointe Milou allows you to connect with nature in a way thatyou may not be able to in any other place on Earth.

You may think that we’re bluffing, but we assure you we’re not! Jut check out everythingeveryone else is saying.

Lastly, to close off your day on top, we recommend you have dinner in one of the manyrestaurants available around the area, such as Le Ti St. Barth –one of the Top 10 restaurants in Pointe Milou, according to Trip Advisor–, or if you're feeling more like staying inside, you canhave dinner at your very own St. Barts villa, located in Pointe Milou.

A calm, unique neighborhood and where to stay

Le Barth Villa Rental has villas located in all the hottest areas of the island, and Pointe Milou isno exception.

For instance, you can stay in Villa Bayuguita, an an elegant 3-bedrrom villa with a Balinese styledécor. With its location in Pointe Milou, you won’t miss the colorful sunsets and sparkling bluewater, while also indulging in a calming atmosphere in a secluded location.

There’s also villa Cap au Vent, one of the most widespread properties in St. Barts. With a 280degree panoramic view of the island and fully equipped with its 4-bedrooms, it ideal forextended groups that want to enjoy an intimate holiday surrounded by vibrant, hearty nature.

We hope you find this information useful in planning your next stay in a St. Barts villa,particularly in Pointe Milou, and we also hope to see you very soon here in the island, for aunique holiday in paradise.

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