Shell Beach, enjoy watersports & crystal clear sea

Sep 30, 2021

We are all in love with the classic and beautiful beaches of smooth white sand, where finding two or three seashells is already a win. If you are a fan of this element of nature, you must visit Shell Beach, which lives up to its name. You can walk all along the beach and find thousands and thousands of shells of all sizes, shapes and colors. If admiring these small gifts brought by the sea is your hit, there is definitely no better beach in the Caribbean for you. 

This beautiful and unique St. Barths beach is located just a short walk from Gustavia, which makes it perfect for walking to after checking out designer stores or admiring the luxurious and large yachts in the harbor.

Shell Beach is a mostly peaceful beach with crystal clear water and gentle waves, perfect for spending the day swimming, snorkeling or if you are more adventurous and like extreme thrills, cliff diving from the large rocks surrounding Shell Beach is your choice for a perfect afternoon. 

After spending your day enjoying the beach, the waves, the sea breeze and working on a perfect tan you are probably wondering, where to eat? Don't worry! Shell Beach has a beachfront restaurant that will satisfy all your senses, your eyesight with the wonderful sunset that you can enjoy from a comfortable chair with your feet feeling the sand. 

This St Barths restaurant called Shellona, will offer you a delicious appetizer or meal while listening to a live band or a fantastic dj, all while you are gazing at the perfect sunset over the island. Delight yourself with the Mediterranean or Greek flavor that each of the dishes that Shellona has to offer. 

Remember that St Barths is known to be the paradise of the stars, so don't be surprised if you're sipping a delicious cocktail and suddenly you see a star of the caliber of Bono sunbathing on the chair next to you. 

Picture this, you've spent the day under the perfect sun of Shell Beach, you've collected beautiful shells and sea glass, you've had a tan that anyone would envy and ate delicious food accompanied by a delicious cocktail, now what you want is to take a hot bath, or maybe just watch the sunset from a balcony while you talk about how perfect your day was with your partner or group of friends, you deserve something comfortable, luxurious and that exceeds your expectations. Our Villas are for you. 

The most important thing in choosing where you will stay is who you will be traveling with. If you are planning a business trip or to keep the romance alive with your significant other, our Colony Club 1 villa will be the place of your dreams, it is located in Gustavia on the island of St. Barths so access to Shell Beach will be a breeze. It has a swimming pool, TV and best of all, you won't have to worry about cleaning since it has housekeeping.

Now, if you are traveling on a double date or with your little family, Les Jardins de Gustavia will be your little paradise for the duration of your vacation.

will be your little paradise for the whole stay, relax by the pool with your loved ones and make plans for the next day while watching the sunset from our luxurious and peaceful villa. 

And let's not forget our villa named after this beautiful beach, Shell Beach Villa. You can share unforgettable moments with your family or friends by the pool or watching the beautiful sunset from the window, which overlooks the harbor. Just a few steps outside and you can feel the gentle ocean breeze hitting your face, plus, if you're in the mood to party, this villa has an excellent sound system that would cheer anyone up. 

Now you know, Shell Beach has what you need to spend a perfect vacation, luxury, comfort, excellent food and the best places where you can relax. 

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