St Barts, French West Indies

A truly Caribbean Holiday in St Barth

Blend of the French refinement with the savoir-vivre Caribbean style

A stylish and serene beachside retreat, a vibrant St Barts villa that evokes your senses with the marvels of the Caribbean pristine sandy beaches that blend seamlessly into its lush tropical surroundings. Immerse in a private sanctuary that evokes serenity and tranquility. Le Barth Villas represents the spirit of the island: Perfection.

History of St Barts

St. Barts island was originally called “Ouanalao” by the Caribs Tribe, who lived here on the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1493. He renamed the island as St. Barthélemy, in honor of his brother Bartoloméo Columbus. By the middle of the XVII century, the French had colonized the island, but for financial & piracy reasons, the St Barts administration was traded to Sweden by the king Louis XVI in 1794. From this administration by the Sweden kingdom comes the name of the capital of St Barts, Gustavia, as the architectural influence and many of the street names. The island was sold back to France in 1877 and has remained under French administration. That is why the official language in St Barts is French, and the currency is the Euro.

How to arrive to St Barts

The island of St. Barth is located in the northeast of the Caribbean Sea, 35 km from the island of Saint Maarten and 240 km from Puerto Rico, you can reach St. Barth by air and by sea. The port of Gustavia is witness to the arrival of ships of all sizes, as well as the ferries to cross from Saint Maarten to St Barts proud to have crossed the sea. The Gustaf III / Rémy de Haenen Airport (SBH) has a small airstrip that is an experience in itself. Because of its size, it can only receive small planes of no more than 20 passengers. To get to St Barth by air, the option is to fly to one of Saint Maarten´s two commercial airports (Princess Juliana or L´Espérance Airport) and from there take a flight of no more than 15 minutes to St Barth. Plane transfers are also available from several islands of the caribbean as Puerto Rico and Antigua. You can also take a ferry from Saint Maarten to the port of Gustavia. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact the Le Barth Villa Rental Team, and we will be happy to help you.

Taxis & car rental in St Barts

St Barts has a total area of 14 square miles, the distances between the different points of the island may seem very short, but it is more than advisable to rent a car in St Barts or get around by taxi. The surface of the island is full of hills which makes the walks heavy, and the tropical climate of St Barts makes it too hot to walk for more than 300 feet. Le Barth Villa Rental has for you a shuttle service to your villa on your arrival and departure from the villa, and if you wish you can always approach our Concierge to orient you on a car rental service in St Barts

Security in St Barts

Saint Barthélemy is a French island, so most of the French laws apply: The law enforcer, Real Estate laws, electric current, tipping policy in services, among others. In general, Saint Barthélemy is a very safe territory, but to avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend that you keep your important documents and valuables in the safe deposit box of your villa and always lock the door of the villa when you leave. You can contact the Concierge services if you have any questions or problems related to security.

Things to do in St Barts

Discover the warm culture of its people, the breathtaking environments of the island and its natural elements that coexist in perfect harmony, revealing an exclusive door to our home in St Barth, a home that we are delighted to share with you.

St Barts is a fantastic place to shop. There are over 200 boutiques and stores on the island that include the latest creations from French and Italian fashion lines that are not available in the US. You can start your shopping tour in St Barts with Gustavia on the nicknamed “rue Du Couturier”, where you can find the top European fashion lines, Cuban cigars, watches and jewelry... you name it, and you can find it in St Barts.

The breathtaking landscapes of St. Barth are an inspiration to fitness lifestyle lovers. Imagine going for a run on St. Barth´s white sandy beaches at sunrise, catching the first rays of the sun and watching the spectacle of the blue mosaics in the sea. You can also invigorate your body and spirit with a Yoga session in your favorite natural landscape of the island. Among the exclusive benefits you get when you book with Le Barth Villa Rental are free access to Fitness & Yoga room at Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa and book our private yoga teacher at your villa.

During your vacation on our island in the Caribbean, it is an excellent time to indulge your body and your soul. St Barts is a paradise on earth where you breathe different air. An air that has an immediate effect on your well-being that you can enhance with the right elements. By staying in one of the luxury villas in St Barts that we offer at Le Barth Villa Rental, you have access to those elements. We give you the exclusive benefit of access to Le Spa at Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa in partnership with La Mer. You will be able to make use of the vitality pools, steam bath, sauna and an exclusive discount on the treatments of your choice.

The beauty of St Barts makes it a natural setting for the celebration. Our island is one of the most popular locations for destination weddings, as it is an unparalleled setting for saying “I do”. St Barts is also a place to celebrate other special occasions, such as family reunions, trips with friends or enjoying the island´s events; such as the St Barth Bucket Regatta in April, the St Barth Music Festival in January, Les Voiles de St Bath in May, Gourmet Fest in November or welcoming the new year. No matter what occasion you are visiting for, contact the Le Barth Villa Rental team to make your special occasion something you will never forget.

In St Barts there is a huge diversity of options when it comes to satisfying your hunger and delighting yourself with the taste of the more than 80 restaurants in St Barts. The multiculturalism of the island is reflected in its gastronomic offer, Mediterranean, Caribbean, South American and Asian flavors at your disposal. You can approach the Le Barth Villa Rental team to give you the best recommendation according to your craving, and we can arrange for food to be delivered directly to your Villa. When staying in one of Le Barth Villa Rental luxury villas, you have preferential access and an exclusive discount at Aux Amis at Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa, where you can accompany your meal with the best selection of Grand Cru wines from St Barts.

If you are passionate about the sea and sailing, St. Barts is an ideal place for you. If you don´t come with your own boat, there are many places on the island where you can rent one to fish, swim, snorkel or dive and discover the marine life that surrounds beautiful St. Barts. As part of the benefits of staying in one of Le Barth Villa Rental luxury villas, we give you a special price to enjoy a half day, full day or sunset excursion on Le Barth´s Boston Whaler, 35ft in length, sailing directly from the hotel, with the boat anchored in the lagoon, north of St Barts.

St. Barts Beaches

The beaches of St Barts are of a dazzling beauty that have charmed the many visitors who return to appreciate the visual spectacles that the white sand and changing shades of blue form at different times of the day. Each of St Barts´ 14 beaches has a characteristic that makes it unique and worth visiting. The following are the Le Barth Villa Rental team´s favorite beaches that you should definitely visit when staying in one of our St Barts luxury villas.

Would you like to try a St. Barts adventure not listed here?

Visit our concierge desk upon arrival and we will tailor an itinerary of adventures and outings based on your preferences and desires. There are numerous exciting things to do in St Barts, from kite surfing to diving to the ocean floor, our team will ensure you have the holiday of your dreams as you discover St Barths.