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Pointe Milou, a must visit in St. Barts

Located in the North-East region of St. Barts, Pointe Milou is a neighborhood that stands out for its beautiful sights and bright colors. Of course, you might think that we could say that about every single location on the island –after all, St. Barts is a destination that has been referred to as a paradise more than once–, but there is something quite unique when planning your day in that area.

Perhaps it has to do with the many restaurant and delicacies waiting around for you to find them, or maybe it’s because of the natural setting and breathtaking views that you can photograph and save for ages to come.

Or maybe, just maybe, it has to do with the vastness of the neighborhood, its beautiful St. Barts villas and the natural charm of the people.

We could tell you what we think, but we feel more inclined to share with you the reasons why you should visit Pointe Milou, and invite you to form an opinion on your own.


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