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St. Barth Art Week 2022 is here!

Oct 27, 2022

Every year, the Artists of St. Barth association puts together the St. Barth Art Week, a series of exhibitions displaying the talent of well-renowned international photographers and painters in many select destinations within the island. This year, the event will be celebrating its fourth edition, and from November 22 to 29, our sunny St. Barts will exude creativity and inspiration.

St. Barth Art Week: a bit of history

In 2017, Emmanuel Leprince created the Artist of St. Barth association to help local artists move their work around. He connected villa owners, top-tier hotels, sculptors, painters, and photographers and built a community. His previous work experience in helping innovative companies grow is a testament to his capacity for planning ahead and establishing strong commercial bonds like those the Artist of St. Barth association provides for creators on the island.

Of course, all of this is also possible thanks to Antoine Verglas, who since 2021 is the president of the association, and who is actively involved in organizing and seeing through the most colorful week in St. Barth – the St. Barth Art Week!

Since 2019, this incredible initiative has allowed countless photographers, sculptors, painters, and artists of all kinds to show their work and expand their network, getting to know other people with the same interests and working in similar fields. It also grants art enthusiasts the possibility of acquiring original pieces and talking one-on-one with the skilled author of the item that so deeply captivated them.

St. Barth Art Week 2022

This year, the St. Barth Art Week will take place from November 22 to 29, and will feature works from eight select artists in six different locations all over the island, from dreamy Grand Cul-de-Sac to chic Gustavia. Additionally, every evening there will be exclusive events where you’ll be able to talk with other attendees and even exchange a word or two with the featured artists.

Entrance to the expositions is free, and they are open to everybody. For the evening gatherings, however, you will need to get an Art Week Pass, which you can request on the official website.

From Pierre Hennequin’s energetic portrayals of powerful artists like Elton John and Paul McCartney to Nathalie Lépine’s delicate work exploring beautiful seascapes through paintings, this week promises to be an unforgettable moment for those who appreciate being surrounded by the magic of creation, one of the noblest qualities of the human spirit.

Where to stay?

At Le Barth Villa Rental, we love St. Barth Art Week, and believe it is one of the most incredible moments to visit the island.

Whether you are choosing to travel with some friends or just on your own, we have exactly what you are looking for. From spacious, private residences like luxury villa Ciel D'Azur, with its six rooms and breathtaking views of the ocean, to private little havens like villa Aya, a charming property hidden by the evergreen nature of the hills.

From November 22 to 29, let your creative strike take over, and enjoy the St. Barth Art Week to the fullest while trusting our skilled team to deliver a stay like no other.

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